BART Extension to Oakland Airport Could Cost Passengers an Extra $6 Per Trip

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    A BART train.

    Bart’s new extension to the Oakland International Airport is almost complete, but now, the amount of money passengers may have to pay to ride it is raising some eyebrows.

    The 3.2 mile trip from the Coliseum Station to the Oakland Airport could cost passengers an extra $6 per trip. It could also cost the transit agency $8 million per year.

    The connector will replace the AirBART, a shuttle that now transports people along a similar route.

    BART riders said they were not happy to hear about the proposed ticket price increase.

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     "That’s crazy. That’s outrageous. It only takes a second to get to the airport from the Coliseum BART Station," BART rider Donna Wayne said. "Why would they charge so much?”

    "The rates of BART are going up," another BART rider Tamara Bricker said. "Not much benefits to BART. The seats are dirty. The trains are dirty."

    The airport connector project cost $484 million.

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    The Airport Board is scheduled to hold a public hearing on connector fares next month and set the price of the ride in June.