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Bay Area Apartments May Sample Your Dog's Poo


    Owners who don't clean up their dogs business are forcing extreme measures.

    Residents of  Redwood City apartment complex may want to think twice when they are too lazy to pick up their dogs' droppings, thanks to science.

    Maddux Park is tired of lazy pet owners not doing their part, and has decided to start taking DNA samples of the waste to keep in a poo-database, says the SFist. out of Tennessee, provides fecal DNA testing services, and says last year, Consumer Reports ranked dog doo as number six on the list of America's Top Gripes. 

    "I think you need to be responsible,"  Redwood City resident and park user Donna Evan told KTVU. "Take care of your dog and clean it up so little babies aren't walking through it."

    Kat Marin/SeaWorld San Diego

    Violators of leaving their furry friends' dump on the ground, would be subject to a fine.