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Bay Area Gas Prices Tumble

Gas prices are on the decline.



    Bay Area Gas Prices Tumble
    Gas prices are dropping uncharacteristically in the Bay Area this summer.

    Forget $5.00 gas. How about $3.00 gas?

    Gas prices in California have tumbled an average of 40 cents over the past month, the San Jose Mercury News reported. Three-dollar gas isn't quite yet a pump reality for motorists, but gas has dropped well below the $4-a-gallon threshhold, the newspaper reported.
    The countrywide average for gasoline is currently $3.38 a gallon, and $3.70 in California, the newspaper reported.
    The most recent global fluctuation is the end of a strike by Norweigan oil pipeline workers, the newspaper reported. That helped gas prices in the United States dip even further.
    A spokesman for AAA noted that gas prices are typically most expensive in the summer months, when consumer demand for road trips is at a peak.