Bay to Breakers: Don't Forget to Behave

The rules for this year's Bay to Breakers are the strictest yet. But you get a wristband for using a toilet...

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    Bay to Breakers takes off for its 101st running this Sunday in San Francisco.

    Go and run, have some fun -- but toe the line. And we don't mean the starting stripe.

    The rules for this year's Bay to Breakers are the strictest yet, according to SF Weekly. The no kegs, no hard alcohol and no glass bottles rules have been expanded to kibosh booze of any kind, but it goes further: No bandit runners this year -- the unregistered, bib-less walkers, runners and baby-stroller pushers who meander down the corse hours after the "real" racers have finished -- and for that matter, no wheeled vehicles of any kind.

    That means you, moms and dads pushing strollers. We don't care if you push Junior in front of you as part of your exercise routine. Do it somewhere else.

    Speaking of doing it, a reward structure is in place for those who are able to use toilets, the newspaper reported. If you pee in one of the 1,200 portable toilets positioned along the race route -- instead of in the park or on someone's home -- an attendant will be there to give you a "Potty Hero" wristband.

    And if that's not fun enough for you, peeing elsewhere can earn you a citation from SFPD. See you at the finish line.

    See this website for information on street closures during the event.