Biblical Exodus in the Social Networking Age

A humorous video walks you through the exodus of the Jews as if it happened today.

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    The clip is called Google Exodus.

    The Jewish publication put together a humorous and informative piece of video that walks viewers through the exodus of the Jews from Israel as if it happened today.

     The bit starts with someone searching for information on a man named Pharaoh who is apparently enslaving Jewish people. The search then goes to Yahoo! Answers in hopes of figuring out why a bush would burn and not be consumed.

     Several Silicon Valley companies play bit parts in the story including Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter and Craigslist.

     For the record: Craig helps them find a row boat to cross the Red Sea. Turns out they didn't need it thanks to Moses.  Oh- and you'll want to see that Moses miracle from "street view."

    It's 2:17 that is sure to make you smile, along with the 50,000 or so other people who have visited the site.