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Bear Carcass Dumped at East Bay Market



    Alameda County investigators are working a rare case of animal dumping.

    On Sunday afternoon someone dumped the carcass of a 300-pound black bear outside a grocery store in San Leandro.

    Sgt J.D. Nelson with the Alameda County Sheriff's Office said the adult bear had been shot.

    Witnesses said someone dumped the bear and then sped away in a white Dodge truck. This happened at the Terrace Market on Foothill Blvd.

    Alameda County investigators called in the Department of Fish and Game to help out.

    For now, no one has a clue why someone dumped the animal.  It wasn't even crystal clear what, if any, laws were broken.

    A Fish and Game spokesman said there are no known black bears living in the East Bay.    It is also legal bear hunting season in two Bay Area counties: Sonoma and Medicino.

    If you have information you'd like to share with the investigators call 510-667-3636 or Lt. Sheree Christensen with the state Department of Fish and Game at 925-556-0363.