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Bonds Jury Ends Third Day of Deliberation



    Josh Keppel
    Barry Bonds walks into a court room in San Francisco on Thursday morning.

    The jurors charged with deciding the Barry Bonds perjury case will try again to reach a verdict when they return to court for a fourth day of deliberations.

    The jury of eight women and four men failed Tuesday for the third day in a row to reach a verdict. The jury deliberated all day Monday and Friday as well.

    Bonds is charged with three counts of lying to a grand jury in 2003 and one count of obstruction. Prosecutors allege that Bonds lied when he denied knowingly taking steroids and human growth hormone.

    The third count of making a false statement alleges that Bonds lied when he said that no one other than his doctor ever injected him with anything.

    The fourth charge is a catch-all count of obstruction, which alleges that Bonds' hindered the grand jury's sports doping investigation by lying.