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Budget Trickle Down Effect Hits San Franciscans



    The Mission district in San Francisco has become a haven for techies again. Photo: Wallie G on Flickr

    A looming budget deficit means San Francisco residents, visitors and businesses may pay more for some city services.

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has included more than a dozen new or higher fees in his proposed $6.5 billion budget plan. Supervisors will begin debating some of the fees this week.

    The plan includes charging pet owners $25 to euthanize their cat or dog -- a service that has been free. Street artist permits also would go up, as would food-permit fees for caterers.

    There is also a proposal to charge drivers for crash-scene clean up. An at-fault driver could face a charge from the Fire Department for $498 to pick up broken glass and spilled gasoline.

    San Francisco has a $483 million budget deficit heading into the new fiscal year beginning July 1.