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California Drought Offers Opportunity to Repair Dried Up Ponds



    (Published Monday, July 14, 2014)

    California's severe drought is giving area crews a chance to make repairs to ponds that have recently dried up.

    In the South Bay, nearly 100 ponds across Santa Clara County are dried up and muddy. Water officials said an upside to the drought is the opportunity for crew to have access to the ground usually underwater.

    Al Tauria is one of the crew members moving dirt to repair area ponds. He spent part of Monday clearing a top layer of muck, which has been building up for nearly 30 years.

    "That will allow the ponds to do their work, which is percolate," Tauria said. "And recharge the aquifer when we get water to refill these ponds."

    The repairs are expected to allow ponds to be more effective and draw water into the ground at a much faster speed when rain returns.

    "It's one way we're taking the lemons of a drought and making lemonade," said Marty Grimes, Santa Clara Valley Water District spokesman. "The ability to maintain these ponds."

    Officials said in a non-drought year crews will drain and clear a few ponds during the summer for maintenance. About 90 ponds is expected to be fixed this year.

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