California Lottery Now Shows Luckiest Retailers in Your Area

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    California Lottery has launched a website showing you the luckiest retailers in the state. Ian Cull reports. (Published Thursday, Aug 7, 2014)

    Where can you increase your odds of a big win?

    California Lottery now shows you the luckiest retailers in the state on its website.

    JP Liquors in Los Altos may sell liquor and food but prides itself on lottery ticket sales.

    It's on the California Lottery's historically luckiest retailer list, one of 14 in the Bay Area. They have sold $2 million tickets in the past.

    "It's a great feeling. The people were elated. We were elated,” said Greg Rivera of JP Liquors.

    The lottery's upgraded website now shows the luckiest retailers in your area in the past year.

    Just type in your zip code and see the shops that have sold a ticket of $100,000 or more, an average of 400 winning tickets a week, or paid out more than $4,000 a week.

    That includes Hana's Bottle Shop in Santa Clara, which sold six $500 tickets the last three days.

    It's a competitive business so it does help for our name to be out there," said Shelly and Manpreet Chohan of Hana's.

    Customers flock to these shops when a big jackpot is up for the taking. Wednesday's mega million was $115 million.

    Stores NBC Bay Area talked to said high sales volume after a big win helps them be titled "lucky." The owners hope they continue to live up to it.

    The luckiest in all of Northern California is Kavanagh Liquors in San Lorenzo.