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Campbell's Mayor Conflicted By Blood Drive That Excludes Gays

Gay mayor asked to help with blood drive, to which he cannot donate.



    Evan Low
    Campbell Mayor Evan Low is faced with a blood drive/human rights dilemma.

    Campbell Mayor Evan Low, who is openly gay, has been asked by the American Red Cross to help organize a local edition of a national blood drive.

    But under US Food and Drug Administration rules, gay men can't give their blood due to a higher risk of infectious diseases, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    Since all blood is thoroughly tested, many gay advocates, including Low, think the policy is discriminator. The 30-year-old mayor doesn't quite know what to do.

    The "City Blood Challenge 2013" would run from Aug. 1 to Sept. 30, when donations run low.

    For now, Low appears to be willing to court publicity on the issue.

    "I want to support the community with blood donations, but I will not tolerate organizations discriminating against any group of people," he has said. "My inclination is to support and host the blood drive, but use this as an opportunity to highlight the issue."