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Report: Campus Police Faulted in Santa Monica College Pepper-Spray Melee

Students were protesting a proposed fee hike when the crowd clashed with campus police officers.



    A Santa Monica College police officer used pepper spray against a crowd of students protesting a fee hike. Last week, a report found that officer’s conduct did not comply with policy.

    A Santa Monica College police officer broke from policy last year when he used pepper spray against a group of demonstrators trying to enter a board of trustees meeting where officials were set to discuss a controversial tiered payment program, according to an independent review released on Friday.

    The report found that although most campus officers acted with restraint, the use of pepper spray and a raised baton by one officer was inappropriate and did not comply with policy.

    Pepper Sprayed Students: "Let Us In!"

    [LA] Pepper Sprayed Students: "Let Us In!"
    A crowd of demonstrators tried to gain access to the Santa Monica board of trustees meeting before police pulled out pepper spray, injuring at least 30 people. Paul Alvarez with the Santa Monica Corsair recorded this footage at the scene. (Published Friday, Jan. 30, 2015)

    Police did not order students to disperse before using the pepper spray, the Los Angeles Times reports, adding that the probe found students did understand the limits of free-speech rights.

    Some 200 students were involved in the April demonstration, and about 30 people were treated for pepper spray, authorities said at the time. Campus officials said at the time the students’ attempts to get into the boardroom "was a safety issue."

    The melee was exacerbated by inadequate planning by campus police and pushing and grabbing by some student demonstrators voicing their anger over a proposed fee plan that would raise prices on in-demand courses, according to the LA Times.

    The report listed 13 recommendations, including better planning before large gatherings and increased training of campus police.

    Below are videos recorded by demonstrators the night of the confrontation.