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Cantu Family Seeks to Block Autopsy Release



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    8-year-old Sandra Cantu was last seen wearing a "Hello Kitty" T-shirt, a striped skirt and black leggings.

    Attorneys for the family of a Northern California girl who was kidnapped, murdered, then stuffed in a suitcase are seeking to block the release of her autopsy report.

    Attorney Stewart Tabak says Sandra Cantu's mother and sister filed a request Thursday for a temporary restraining order on the release, citing the report's graphic content.

    Tabak says the public already knows enough of the "horrific" details of the case.

    On Monday, a judge lifted a protective order on the report and other documents in the case against Melissa Huckaby. The Sunday school teacher later pleaded guilty to killing 8-year-old Sandra. She was sentenced Monday to life in prison.

    Tabak says the family is still considering whether to appeal the decision on the other documents, including a grand jury transcript due to be released Friday.