Celebrating 35 Years of Star Wars

An artistic look at some of the more important milestones in the history of Star Wars.

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    The cult classic is celebrating 35 years of inspiring fans.

    For many Star Wars fans there is no way to express how deeply the epic has touched us.

    No mere infographic can chart the emotions or synaptic responses that take place in the hearts and minds of individuals when thinking or watching these films.

    Wisely, this infographic chooses to sum up the some of the more important milestones in the history of the Star Wars films and cultural lore.

    The swooning is left to us fanboys and girls.

    From the influence of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey to the formation of the 501st Legion and Family Guy's famous Blue Harvest episode this chart has it all. No film, video game or TV moment seems overlooked.

    For all those cosplay outfits, gingerbread houses, cake and condoms you'll have to have a look in our archives!

    May the Force be with you and your comments.

    Click to embiggen.

    star wars 35 years infog02.jpg

    Via Visual.ly

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