Chevron Gets Into Newspaper Business

Company PR agency opens "Richmond Standard."

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    NBC Bay Area
    The company town now has a new company news outlet.

    Oil giant Chevron is dabbling in the newspaper business.

    The Richmond Standard, a hyperlocal online-only newspaper in the East Bay city, is providing news and information -- from the perspective of the company, which is paying for the privilege, according to reports.

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    The Standard is run by a former San Francisco Examiner reporter who is now in the employ of PR agency Singer and Associates, for whom Chevron is a client.

    Chevron's foray into the information business is drawing ridicule and criticism from VICE as well as Grist. There are also questions of accountability and transparency -- the site has been derided by local activists as a mere mouthpiece for the refinery, which is one of the Bay Area's biggest polluters.

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    However, the company and all involved are being up-front.

    "Richmond residents are not going to be fooled," said Mike Aldax, the company man behind the newspaper told Grist. "They know where we're coming from."