Cisco Announces Biggest Valley Hiring in Years

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    Cisco's CEO speaks about its constant evolution

    On the conference call Wednesday afternoon, Cisco said net revenue jumped more than 23-percent compared to the same quarter last year.  Officers used words like "upturn", "strengthen" and "solid". 

    The company said it had seen big increases in capital spending, and most importantly said it would hire upwards of 3,000 workers over the next few quarters. 

    Cisco, which employs 66,000 people, will make those hires across locations.  But considering the company is based in San Jose, we can certainly expect many of those jobs to be here.

    The Labor Department releases its monthly jobless figures tomorrow.  Just as interesting as the current jobless rate will be the revisions made to several previous months - it could show as many as a million MORE people lost their jobs in the downturn than first estimated.

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