Colin Kaepernick Beats by Dre Commercial Sparks Seahawks' Fans Ire

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    Seattle Seahawks fans are crying foul after a recent commercial starring the 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick debuted this past week.

    In the Beats by Dre commercial, Kaepernick is on a team bus surrounded by fans of an opposing team. They're yelling and throwing things at the bus, so Kaepernick puts on his headphones to drown them out.

    While the ad doesn’t reference the Seahawks directly, the angry fans appear to be wearing Seahawks colors.

    Seattle fans, some of whom are calling for a Beats by Dre boycott, are expressing their outrage on Twitter.

    No word yet on whether the popular headphone company is planning to appease Seattle fans with a commercial starring, say, Russell Wilson or Marshawn Lynch.

    Or how about Pete Carroll? We'd love to see him sporting some Beats by Dre cans.