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College Student Sets Fire to Ex-Classmate's Home -- Twice

Landon Cramer, 19, of Los Gatos, arrested for arson.



    Suspicious fires at a Los Gatos home on October 28 and January 12 have been linked to the same man: a 19-year old former friend of the occupant's daughter, according to reports.

    Landon Cramer, 19, of Los Gatos, was arrested last week after police searched his Chircho Avenue home on Wednesday, according to the San Jose Mercury News. He was arrested on "two counts each of arson, possessing an incendiary device and burglary, along with one count of cruelty to an animal," the newspaper reported.

    It appears Cramer, a student at Chico State University, was a high school classmate and friend of the family's daughter at Los Gatos High School, the newspaper reported. While they were not romantically involved, something flared up sufficiently for Cramer to wish to burn down the family home.

    In the fall, the fire cause "extensive damage to the structure" of the home in the Vista Del Monte neighborhood, according to the newspaper. The family dog also suffered smoke inhalation injuries and had to be resuscitated, the newspaper reported.

    Somebody sprayed liquid accelerant in two rooms: a living room and the daughter's bedroom, according to reports.

    Cramer is free on $500,000 bail.