Cops: Alleged Molester Lured Boys with Car Wash

A car wash was used to lure teenage boys into a molester's clutches, according to police.

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    Getty Images/China Photos
    After offering them a job, the man allegedly told boys they'd be paid only if they took a shower with him.

    He told them he just wanted some help washing cars -- that is, if they took part in washing him first.

    This lurid tale is told by Los Gatos police, who say that Richard "Ricardo" Williams, the self-proclaimed "Car Manager," is in fact a molester who used promises of car wash jobs to lure teenaged boys into compromising situations, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    Williams, who is a registered sex offender, according to the newspaper, was booked on suspicion of molesting a child under 18 and violating the terms of sex offender rules by working with children, the newspaper reported.

    He is accused of harassing several teenage boys at a health club in November 2010. He allegedly arranged for them to wash cars in the health club parking lot, but then told them they'd be paid only if they took a shower with him or got into a hot tub with him, according to the newspaper.

    Police say he may have other victims in the south or western United States, where Williams is alleged to have worked at other car washes and health clubs, according to the newspaper.