Cops Thwart Bridge Suicide, Talk Woman off of Overpass

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    Police save lives. Never forget that.

    This lesson was on display on Interstate Highway 80 on Thursday night, as Vacaville police successfully convinced a woman not to leap off of an overpass last week, according to the Contra Costa Times.

    A 19-year old woman was threatening to jump off of an overpass at Allison Drive at 11:20 p.m. last Thursday, according to the newspaper. Cops arrived and found the woman standing on a concrete ledge overlooking the freeway. She was hanging onto a chain link fence which separated her from the other officers, according to the newspaper.

    Cops shut down the freeway and rescue trucks assembled. An officer approached her and whatever he said did the trick, as 15 minutes later, she agreed to come down and was taken off of the ledge by a ladder truck.

    She was taken to Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Vacaville where she received emergency counseling, the newspaper reported.