County Clerks Wait For Word on Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

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    Same sex couples wanting to get married will have to wait a little while longer before requesting a marriage license like these two women did in San Francisco in 2011.

    County clerks offices up and down California are hearing from same-sex couples wanting to get marriage licenses.
    Officials tell The Associated Press Wednesday that they began handling inquiries within hours of the Supreme Court ruling that cleared the way for the state ban on gay marriage to be lifted.

    The Alameda County Clerk-Recorder is among those awaiting further direction by the courts.

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    Patrick O’Connell, Alameda County Clerk-Recorder, said until they get the word there will be no change in practices of issuing marriage licenses.

    “We are prepared to act immediately on any new direction provided by the courts with regard to the issuance of marriage licenses in Alameda County,’’ said O’Connell.

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    He said Alameda County is well positioned to deal with any increased volume of customer traffic.
    County clerks across the state have been advised by Gov. Jerry Brown's office that as soon as the stay is lifted, they can issue the licenses. 

    Several procedural legal hurdles remain and it's unclear how soon gay marriages can resume.
    The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says the stay won't be lifted for at least 25 days.

    Court Docket Text:

    Received copy of Supreme Court opinion dated 06/26/2013. The judgment or mandate of this Court will not issue for at least twenty-five days pursuant to Rule 45. Should a petition for rehearing be filed timely, the judgment or mandate will be further stayed pending this Court's action on the petition for rehearing. Supreme Court No: 12-144. [8682306] [10-16696, 11-16577] (RR)

    The San Francisco-based court said it may continue to bar gay marriages even beyond 25 days  if proponents of Proposition 8, the state's gay marriage ban, ask for a rehearing.