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Crockett School Learns Small Deeds Make Big Changes

When physical education teacher Dave Hobson got the results back from a bullying survey he had given his students, he knew something had to be done.



    (Published Wednesday, May 8, 2013)

    Carquinez Middle School in Crockett is depressed.

    To be clear, we are not saying the students and staff there are sad. We mean the actual school building sits in a depression, roughly thirty feet below the road that runs in front of it.

    That fact, as well as a row of trees along the school property means people driving by on Pomona Drive could easily miss the fact there are three hundred students going to school just a few feet away.

    Except on Friday mornings, that is.


    Friday is when members of the Carquinez Middle School Public Service Club walk up to the road before school begins. Carrying signs of inspiration and encouragement, the students cheer and wave to drivers passing by.

    Their goal is simply to get some waves and honks in return, and hopefully start people's day off on a positive note.

    It is one of the many small things the club is doing that students say has changed the culture of their school.

    That's just what Dave Hobson had in mind when he started it.

    To see how the club started, and what they have accomplished in a very short time, watch Garvin Thomas' story above.