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Dad Gets Prison Time for Inking Gang Tatt on Son



    Fresno PD
    Fresno police released this picture of the boy's tattoed hip area.

    Two former Fresno gang members have been sentenced to prison after they were convicted of inking a gang tattoo on a 7-year-old boy.

    A judge on Monday ordered 27-year-old Enrique Gonzalez, the boy's father, to spend six years behind bars. The second defendant, 22-year-old Travis Gorman, received a five-year sentence.

    The sentences were part of plea deals that Gonzalez and Gorman accepted after jurors found them not guilty of aggravated mayhem and deadlocked on lesser felony charges. An aggravated mayhem conviction could have led to life in prison.

    Jurors said they didn't believe the boy when he testified that Gonzalez held him down on a couch last year when Gorman inked the gang tattoo -- a small dog paw -- on his hip.

    The pleas allowed Gonzalez and Gorman to avoid a second trial.