Daly City Man Claims 500 Marijuana Plants Were For "Personal Use"

Personal use claims did not sway jury.

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    Some marijuana plants. A Daly City man grew more than 500 plants for "personal medical use," he claimed in court.

    A sentence is expected to be handed down today in the case of a man who grew more than 500 marijuana plants for "personal use," according to his claims in court.

    A jury found Thang Vinh Hoang, 43, guilty of felony possession of marijuana for sale "and other charges" in March, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    Hoang was arrested a year ago after police found him "coming and going" from a marijuana grow house. Cops found 60 ounces of processed cannabis there, along with a scale, turkey bags, and the 500 plants.

    At trial, Hoang claimed that he and "three other family members" grew the cannabis for their personal "medical needs," according to District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

    A total of $6,500 in cash was found at his home, which contained no marijuana.