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Developers Push $100 Million Asian-Themed Mall -- In Milpitas

Largest enclosed "Asian-themed" mall in America would grace McCarthy Ranch space.



    Shoppers would frequent small stores in a proposed Asian-themed shopping mall in Milpitas, if approved.

    A big mall with small stores.

    And Asian-themed.

    Developers are pushing a new idea for an old shopping space in Milpitas: hundreds of small, non-corporate stores and a big new hotel on the space of the McCarthy Ranch retail complex in Milpitas, according to reports.

    Pacific Mall Silicon Valley, if approved, would open in 2017 with up to 300 stores no bigger than 2,800 square feet, the Oakland Tribune reports.

    Construction could begin next year if local planning officials OK the idea.

    A similar mall in Toronto draws customers from miles and miles around, developers say.