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ESPN Adds More Fuel to the Carson Palmer to SF Train



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    Let the Carson Palmer to San Francisco 49ers heat up.

    The former USC star and current Bengals quarterback has reportedly wanted out of Cincinnati and now he has told his team he wants to be traded.

    ESPN's Chris Mortensenreports that Palmer is even threatening to retire -- a la Jake Plummer -- unless he gets his wish.

    It's no secret that the San Francisco 49ers need and want a new quarterback. General Manager Trent Baalke has already gone on the record saying the team would likely add at least two to the roster.

    Palmer, 31, is also a West Coast guy, whose wife is from San Francisco, which adds further steam to the rumor.

    Mortensen specifically mentions San Francisco, along with Arizona and Seattle, as possible landing spots for Palmer.

    Now the NFC West has something to fight over instead of being the statistically worst team in NFL history to sneak into the playoffs.