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DA: Daly City Woman Faked Ballot Signatures

Woman, 55, charged with felony forgery



    Fake signatures on a ballot initiative petition -- including faked signatures from prominent city officials -- have landed a Daly City woman in trouble with the law.

    Big trouble.

    Laura Frei, 55, is charged with a felony for turning in a ballot initiative petition with faked signatures, according to the Santa Clara County district attorney.

    Frei turned in petitions last year to a staff member of then-City Clerk Dennis Hawkins -- who noticed Hawkins's name on the petitions. That was suspicious, and earned Frei an investigation. Even more dubious scribblings were found.

    A total of 13 people told investigators that they never signed Frei's petition, despite having their names submitted by her. She was paid between $1,000 and $1,500 for submitting 200 signatures, according to the district attorney.

    Frei was working for H&H Petitions of San Jose. According to the Santa Clara County jail, she posted bail on Jan. 23.

    The petition was supporting an increase of minimum wage.