Food Trucks Very Endangered if Assembly Bill Passes

A bill in the Assembly would make much of San Francisco off-limits to food trucks.

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    The idea behind the law is to restrict access for students while school is in session, lawmakers claim, but the impact could be an end to food trucks in densely-populated places like the Mission.

    Say goodnight to the burrito guy. And the Irish-Eritrean, Korean, and all other nature of food trucks.

    A bill in the state Legislature puts the San Francisco food truck scene in serious jeopardy of extinction, according to SFoodie, the SF Weekly food blog.

    Foodie parsed data mined and laid out for consumption by Burrito Justice, the Mission-based blog founded on the idea that food trucks should be created equal -- equal to corner stores and other food sources.

    See, current rules say that food trucks need to keep 1,500 feet away from high schools. Assembly Bill 1678 says that food trucks need to keep 1,500 feet away from ANY school: kindergarten, elementary, or middle. And there's some confusion if the bill includes private as well as public schools.

    Downtown lunchers would still get their trucks if AB 1678 passes -- that is, unless schools sprout up in the FiDi -- but the scene in the Mission District and elsewhere with lively food truck scenes would be desolate, indeed. A good 62 square miles of city would be excluded from food trucks, according to Burrito Justice -- no small feat when you consider that the entire city is 49 square miles.

    Take a peek at the food-age wasteland to-possibly-be here.