Former Santa Cruz Resident Charged With Threatening to Kill Obama

Teddy Bear Paradise committed a federal offense.

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    The president was threatened by a woman who used to live in Santa Cruz.

    Threaten to kill a president, shame on you.

    Threaten to kill a president twice -- prison for you.

    A drifter and apparently homeless woman -- who once washed ashore in Santa Cruz and in San Jose -- has been indicted on federal charges for threatening to kill President Barack Obama, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

    Teddy Bear Paradise, 57, also known as Denise O'Neal, told the president in a 16-page, handwritten letter, that she was coming to Washington, D.C. in order to kill him, the newspaper reported.

    She also told President George W. Bush similar things in 2008, the newspaper reported. She pleaded guilty to that crime.

    Now, she's being held without bail in Texas, her new home, for the Nov. 28 letter following an arrest on Dec. 26 in Houston, the newspaper reported.

    She has a conviction on her record in San Jose from 2005 for... also writing threatening letters, according to the Sentinel.