Future of Lafayette Crosses Uncertain As Afghan War Nears End

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    The Crosses of Lafayette were only supposed to last as long as the two foreign wars they were meant to draw attention to.

    Now troops are scheduled to leave Afghanistan on Dec. 31, which means the future of one of America's largest war memorials is uncertain.

    There's talk now of making the 4,000 white wooden crosses a permanent memorial, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

    The five-acre site where the crosses are placed, in full view of Highway 24 and a nearby BART station, is supposed to be houses, according to the report.

    But the property owner thinks that houses on top and crosses on the hard-to-develop hillside may be a fine compromise.

    The original intent of the crosses was protest: to mark the war's terrible toll with a cross as another soldier died.

    Either way, many public meetings will have to be held before the final fate of the hillside crosses is decided. A workshop is scheduled for late June.