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Garbage Service Returns in Fremont, Union City

A temporary work stoppage is over.



    FILE ART - Garbage pickup has resumed in Union City and Fremont.

    Haul out the cans -- trash time is here again.

    Refuse removal service is back on in Fremont and Union City, after waste disposal employees ended a work-stoppage, according to reports.

    Employees of Allied Waste had stopped picking up the trash "in support of striking workers in another state," according to The Argus.

    The garbage people are Teamsters.

    Residents whose garbage bins remained full of waste on curbs Thursday should see them emptied by Saturday afternoon, according to Fremont officials.

    Allied Waste collectors also halted service on April 4 and 5.

    Officials at Union City say they'll try to convince Bay Area garbage collectors not to stop their work in support of a far-flung labor cause.

    "We want them to come up with a better plan than this," said Tony Acosta, Union City deputy city manager.