Google Pays for Bay Area Classroom Projects, Supplies

604 Bay Area teachers have learning efforts funded by Google.

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    A 3-D printer is now in an East Palo Alto classroom -- thanks to Google, who bought it.

    Without Google there would be no 3D printer.

    And there wouldn't be any pencils or notebooks, either.

    Google to Students: Stay Smart And Safe Online

    [BAY] Google to Students: Stay Smart And Safe Online
    Google is sending out a critical message to Bay Area schools about texting and technology. Scott Budman reports. (Published Friday, March 21, 2014)

    The Mountain View technology giant has shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy learning items on the wish lists of 604 Bay Area teachers, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    What the teachers needed ranged from the extremely mundane -- books for English class at Oakland High -- to the super-cool, like the 3D printer now sitting in Tim Jones' fourth-grade classroom in East Palo Alto, the newspaper reported.

    The teachers had their wishes granted via DonorsChose, a crowd-funding site that allows prospective donors to browse needy projects before deciding where to flash cash.

    Google went an extra step and fully funded the numerous Bay Area projects. And this week, the company will receive some thank-you notes from students happy to receive supplies, the newspaper reported.