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Hawk Shot in Head with Nail Gun, Survives

Wildlife experts say the nail must have been shot out of a nail gun and was probably done on purpose.



    Hawk Shot in Head with Nail Gun, Survives
    This photo was taken Tuesday in Golden Gate Park.

    Wildlife rescue workers said they would work through the weekend if necessary in their efforts to hunt down an injured red-tailed hawk in Golden Gate Park.

    The bird has a framing nail piercing its head.

    WildRescue, a nonprofit rescue group based in Monterey, has workers trying to capture the bird so they can remove the nail and get the hawk back into the wild.

    Rebecca Dmytryk said so far the bird can still take flight, which is making it hard to capture. They are using a special trap, but so far have not been able to snag it.

    Sightings should be immediately reported to their paging service at 831-429-2323 or emailed to rescue@wildrescue.org.

    Dmytryk said not only is this a violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, it could also be considered an act of animal cruelty.

    WildRescue said thanks to new pledges, the reward in the case has increased to $10,000 for information about who injured the hawk.