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Homework-Fighting East Bay Mom a National Education Star

Film shows mental, physical toll of attempting to overachieve.



    Too much work is a bad thing for students, according to East Bay filmmaker Vicki Abeles.

    Lafayette parent Vicki Abeles has fans coast to coast with her plan to eliminate homework for weekends and other holidays.

    But her education reform plan, outlined in a film called "Race to Nowhere," is also drawing attention from school officials, according to the Contra Costa Times.

    Abeles made the documentary in 2009, and it has since been seen by a million people, she said. She made the film after realizing that the impossible pressures of homework, extracurriculars and being upset with her school-age children bringing home a "B" on a test led to stress-related medical disorders.

    Thus, she's speaking to parents, teachers and students about lessening the homework load, floating ideas like homework-free weekends, the newspaper reported. Sort of the opposite of a Tiger Mom.

    Check out the film for yourself at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, where it's screening thrice nightly, with discussions with Abeles after. Find out more details at www.racetonowhere.com.