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Hundreds Protest Keystone XL Oil Pipeline in San Francisco



    (Published Monday, Feb. 3, 2014)

    Environmentalists who voted for President Barack Obama expressed their frustrations at rallies across the country Monday over the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline.

    In San Francisco, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the United States Department's Office, carrying signs and shouting chants like "Mister Obama we don't need no pipeline drama."

    The state department on Friday issued its final environmental impact report on the pipeline and said it would not increase carbon pollution, which sparked opponents to voice their opinion.

    Project supporters said the report gives the president the green light to approve the 875-mile pipeline that would carry crude oil from Canada to Nebraska.

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    Opponents said the president's decision on Keystone XL will be a defining moment.

    "Double down on the dirtiest, most polluting, most toxic fossil fuels or go a different direction that's what Keystone Pipeline represents," said Elijah Zarlin, a protester with Credo Action. "That's why it's important the president says no."

    Protest organizers said they are planning another event for Wednesday morning at the United Nations Plaza.