Hurricane Coaster to Depart Santa Cruz Boardwalk

For 20 years the Boardwalk's second roller coaster has whipped patrons through its corkscrew.

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    The Undertow roller coaster should be ready to roll by mid-summer 2013. It replaces the spot on the Boardwalk where The Hurricane stood for 20 years.

    Closing a perennially favorite ride on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk is notable enough to bring roller coaster enthusiasts from as far as Toronto. The twisted metal of the Hurricane will be packed and shipped to New Mexico shortly after Labor Day weekend.

    From a steep climb to a whip-like middle corkscrew, the 80-some-second ride has been a favorite on the Boardwalk since 1992. One group of fans, the American Coaster Enthusiasts, had a contingency in Santa Cruz over the past weekend.

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    "It's a short ride, but it's very intense," Taylor Evans told the San Jose Mercury News. The Hurricane will be replaced with Undertow -- expected to open by mid-summer 2013. The cars on this coaster revolve around a center pivot as the ride takes users through three levels of curvy back-and-forths.

    Here's the video for the new ride:

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    And here's the video of the soon-to-be-gone ride: