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Illegal Cigarette Leads to Capture of Murder Suspect

The cops are thanking a Fairfield man -- wanted for murder -- for smoking.



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    An illegal smoke break led cops to catch a man wanted for murder. They thanked him for smoking. File photo.

    Policing an illegal cigarette led sheriff's deputies to arrest a man wanted for murder.

    Franklin Bean, 30, of Fairfield, was smoking a cigarette six feet outside of a bar in Hayward. A county law there says smoking needs to stay 20 feet away from entrances to bars.

    Sheriff's deputies detained Bean to give him a $500 citation for the unlawful cigarette. When they ran his information through the computer, however, they found Bean was wanted in connection with a Dec. 17 shooting in Oakland.

    Bean is charged with murder in the slaying of Jeremy Johnson, 25, of Oakland, according to the Oakland Tribune. Bean has admitted to the shooting but said it was in self-defense.

    Bean was apprehended at about 10:50 p.m. on Friday night outside the Hayward bar.

    It is the first time the county's smoking ordinance has nabbed a slaying suspect, police said.