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Judge Proposes $6.7M Fine for PG&E San Bruno Pipeline



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    This is what happened when a PG&E pipeline failed

    A judge is proposing that Pacific Gas and Electric Co. pay $6.7 million in fines for improperly declaring safe two natural-gas pipelines and using misleading records in an attempt to minimize the lapse.

    A California Public Utilities Commission administrative law judge on Wednesday issued the fine proposal after finding substantial record keeping errors regarding two San Francisco Bay area pipelines.

    Both pipelines are in the same system as one that exploded in 2010, killing eight people and destroying dozens of homes in San Bruno.

    Two judges found that PG&E was running one pipeline at too high pressure after improper testing, and that the company minimized this and other lapses as data "errata'' in pipeline safety filings.

    Brittany Chord, a PG&E spokesperson, said the company is reviewing the decision.