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Report: Kidnappers Force Victim To Open Bank Accounts



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    A 45-year old man says that he was abducted at gunpoint in downtown San Francisco and forced into "shady banking transactions, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    On March 10, a man in his 20s reportedly forced the victim to enter a black SUV at gunpoint. The victim was then driven to Oakland -- where he was "taken to two banks in an effort to open an account with the suspect's money."

    The victim was driven back to San Francisco in a second vehicle, where he was "forced to deposit checks" into the accounts he had just opened.

    Following the coerced commerce, the victim was driven across the Bay Bridge a second time and left near the Oakland Coliseum BART station.

    The victim reported the incident to police on March 15 because he was "scared," the newspaper reported.

    The victim did not lose any of his own money in the "ordeal."