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Las Vegas Isn't Betting on a 49ers Super Bowl

Oddsmakers list San Francisco as 16-1 to make it to next year's Super Bowl.



    Jim Harbaugh probably won't be surprised when he sees the amount of respect his team is getting from Las Vegas.

    The San Francisco 49ers desperately need to improve the team's passing game if it wants to follow in Eli Manning's footsteps next year.

    At least that's what the bookmakers in Las Vegas seem to think.

    Jim Harbaugh had his boys within a muffed punt of the Super Bowl this year but Las Vegas wasn't impressed.

    Bovada Sportsbook puts the 49ers odds of winning the Super Bowl next season at 16 to 1. That puts them behind the Packers, Patriots, Saints, Texans, Eagles, Steelers, Ravens and the Giants.

    San Francisco has the same odds as the San Diego Chargers and the New York Jets.

    Of course the odds means little with so much turnover on every NFL team's roster expected to happen before next season even starts.

    Maybe the 49ers can sign a receiver or two by then.