Legal Suburban Marijuana Grower Unsure Why Neighbors, City May Ban Him

A Concord man's legal marijuana grow has been sniffed out by neighbors.

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    North Miami Police
    A grow house, not the one mentioned in the story.

    A 24-year old Concord homeowner is legally growing marijuana in his backyard. But perhaps not for long.

     The man is at the center of a cannabis controversy, after a neighbor phoned police -- and then a television station, and finally the City Council -- about the large marijuana plants in the man's backyard, according to the Contra Costa Times.
    The woman's complaints may lead to a new city law in which outdoor marijuana grows -- legal under state law -- may be banned outright, the newspaper reported.
    The grower says that he grew marijuana on his property, deeded to him by his late grandfather, for three years without incident. But after a television news crew did a segment on the situation, he's had to chase thieves away from his house, the newspaper reported.
    The man has "the proper state permits" to cultivate and consume marijuana, according to police. He now wants to be part of the city discussion on what to do with grows, the newspaper reported.