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Lies, Not Legal Dog Killing, Lands Brentwood Man In Trouble

Jonathan Christ accused of lying to cops about the shooting of two dogs.



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    A rottweiler named Jager and German Shepherd named Luke were killed by a man protecting his livestock -- and now his son is in trouble for lying to police about the legal shooting.

    Shooting a dog? Fine and dandy.

    But lying about it? John Law does not approve.

    A Brentwood man has been charged with obstructing a police investigation for allegedly lying about his role in the legal killing of a pair of dogs, according to the Contra Costa Times.

    Jonathan Christ, 32, of Brentwood was charged Tuesday with obstructing an officer.

    And it all began when his father, Randy Christ, 58, shot and killed his neighbor's two dogs.

    It seems Randy had to take a firearm and shoot a German shepherd and a Rottweiler that had broken into Jonathan's chicken coop. About 20 chickens had been killed before the dogs were shot.

    That's legal -- California law allows a "marauding" dog that's killing poultry or livestock to be shot.

    But Jonathan Christ apparently was concerned his father would be in trouble for discharging a firearm, the newspaper reported.

    So when police arrived -- to quiet down a "disturbance" that ensued after the neighbors, wondering where their dogs went, and questioned the Christ family -- Jonathan told cops that it was he who had killed the dogs. And with a shovel, not a gun.

    That tale unraveled when the dead dogs were discovered in a ravine near Jonathan's job in Byron, the newspaper reported.

    An arraignment date has yet to be set.