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Lion's Meat on Menu at Burlingame Restaurant

Mokuntanya Yakitori Restaurant in Burlingame has lion for sale.



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    A Burlingame restaurant is selling farm-raised lion's meat provided by an Illinois company.

    Whoa-oh, here lunch comes -- and it's a man-eater.

    Lion meat is on the menu at Mokuntanya Yakitori Restaurant in Burlingame.

    The meat is "reportedly as tough as the animal itself," according to SF Weekly, and the king of the jungle on a plate also fetches a pretty penny -- $70 for one skewer, or about five ounces of meat.

    This is not new for Jason Li of the restaurant, who recently has also made peacock and swan available to diners.

    Animal-rights activists are stomping mad over the leonine treat. Lions are a "threatened species," for  whom going extinct is a "risk," the newspaper reported.

    There is about two weeks' worth of lion meat in the kitchen at the restaurant, but beware: Li says last year, he sold out in seven days.