Lodi Skydiver Dies After Fall From Harness

"Experienced" jumper dies Saturday in Davis.

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    AFP/Getty Images
    File image. The 23-year old victim was not identified but was an "experienced" skydiver.

    An "experienced" skydiver from Lodi died over the weekend after he fell out of his parachute harness in midair, according to reports.

    The 23-year old Andrew Todd Cofer fell out of his parachute harness during a 6 p.m. jump Saturday near Yolo County Airport in Davis, according to the Woodland Daily Democrat.

    The skydiver was jumping out of SkyDance, a jump center at the airport, the newspaper reported.

    His body was found 1 mile southeast of the drop zone; his canopy and harness were located 1 mile northeast of the drop zone, according to reports.

    The Yolo County Coroner said Cofer died of multiple blunt force injuries.

    The accident is the sixth fatality connected to SkyDance Skydiving since 1987, the newspaper reported.