Man Brags About Muni iPhone Theft, Dials Trouble

Passenger calls police after he hears a man boast about stealing from a woman

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    Stealing a phone and then bragging about it on Muni is not a good idea.

    A man was arrested Wednesday for stealing a woman's iPhone after a passenger on a San Francisco Municipal Railway bus overheard him bragging about the robbery.

    The robbery occurred at 9:12 p.m. at a store in the 3200 block of 20th Ave. in the Stonestown Galleria.
    A 24-year-old woman had her iPhone snatched out of her hand by a suspect who then ran out of the store along with another suspect, according to police at the department's Taraval Station.

    Shortly afterward, a passenger on a San Francisco Municipal Railway bus overheard the suspect bragging to a group of people on the bus about a robbery he had committed, police said.

    The passenger called police, who responded and stopped the bus and detained five people.

    Officers brought the victim to the scene and she was able to identify one of the men as the robber, and when officers searched him, they found the iPhone, according to police.
    The man, whose name was not immediately available, was arrested on suspicion of robbery while the other four people detained on the bus were released, police said.