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Man Faces 5 Years for Street Tax Broken Jaw



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    Not everyone can look as nice as Katy Perry with their mouth wired shut.

    Punching a teenager for refusing to pay your factious street tax is a bad idea. So much so, it can land you up to five years in jail.

    Donesh Daniel Nickravesh, 23, is facing a nickel in the slammer for allegedly breaking a San Mateo teenager's jaw after he refused to buy drugs or hand over his wallet to cover a street tax.

    The victim was smoking a cigarette outside of an apartment building with two friends when they were approached by a group that included Nickravesh, according to reports.

    The group reportedly included several drunk members and after asking the victim and his friends to buy drugs or pay a street tax, Nickravesh allegedly punched the victim in the jaw and broke it.

    The victim was hospitalized for four days and had to undergo surgery to set his broken jaw. His jaw was wired shut for eight weeks.

    Nickravesh pleaded no content Monday to two assault charges.