"Marijuana Speakeasies" Shut Down In Oakland

Cannabis can be sold in Oakland at Measure Z dispensaries

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    Not always a welcome sight in Oakland.

    In Oakland, it's possible to buy marijuana without a doctor's recommendation.

    And it's also possible to have such sales shut down by the authorities.

    Oakland tacitly allows marijuana to be sold at "speakeasy"-style marijuana clubs, called Measure Z clubs.

    So-called for a 2004 Oakland law that made adult marijuana offenses the "lowest priority" for police enforcement, they've operated with relative impunity in Oakland for several years, according to KQED.

    Until now.

    Of late, three have been shut down by authorities for creating disturbances, the radio station reported.

    Two closed after receiving cease-and-desist notices. But a third was shut down after a police investigation.