Marin Has Most Carpoolers, Fewest Solo Drivers

Many workers in Marin do not drive alone to work.

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     The carpool lane between Marin County and the rest of the Bay Area is well-traveled for a reason -- Marin residents don't like to drive solo.

    A new report says that 65.2 percent of Marin office workers commute to work alone, according to the Marin Independent Journal. That's the least solo drivers of any Bay Area county aside from San Francisco, where 37.6 percent of workers drive to work alone, the newspaper reported.
    Santa Clara County, by contrast, sees 76.6 percent of its workers drive to work alone, according to the newspaper.
    Marin transportation officials said that the trend is good for reducing congestion, the newspaper reported.
    About 8.4 percent of Marin workers carpool, while 8.3 percent of workers take public transit, the newspaper reported.
    That means 19 percent don't drive, the newspaper reported. Perhaps bikes are king.