Marin Man Cashing In on Oil Fears

Planning for an apocalypse not just for the religious anymore

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    Scenes like these from the Gulf of Mexico have become great publicity for "peak oil" preparedness peddlers.

    "Peak Oil" is the catchy phrase to describe the point at which oil is cheapest and most available before the inevitable downward spiral in reserves -- taking the economy, and possibly civilization as we know it, along for the ride.

    Scenes like the ones we see every night on television from the Gulf of Mexico have become great publicity for "peak oil" preparedness peddlers.

    And unlike your typical end-of-days scenarios, it's not being peddled by religious fundamentalists, but green environmentalists.

    While Americans have a habit of eagerly preparing for disasters -- from bomb shelters to stockpiling ahead of Y2K -- our can-do, entrepreneurial spirit means there's no reason not to profit from the preparation.

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    For instance, San Rafael resident Andre Angelantoni's Post Peak Industries offers remote courses in surviving the various coming crises, including courses on gardening, chicken farming and "emotional support for the future quickly coming at us."

    The last example, "Navigating the Coming Chaos of Unprecedented Transitions," takes place over four Saturdays starting July 10 and will cost you $175.

    Post Peak will accept credit cards or PayPal, though you might get a discount if you show up with gold and silver -- Angelantoni has liquidated his investments into precious metals. You know, just in case.

    Jackson West wants to become really good at pickling and canning.