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Mill Valley Girl, 7, Calls 911, Stops Fire From Spreading



    Mahlia Morgan, 7, of Mill Valley spotted a fire and called 911 because her grandmother is hard of hearing. That call brought the firefighters out. Terry McSweeney reports. (Published Tuesday, March 19, 2013)

    A fire burned Sunday on Sycamore Avenue in Mill Valley - a carport and two vehicles went up in smoke. It's the same fire 7-year-old Mahalia Morgan saw from across the street while looking out the window of her Grandma's house.

    "I felt scared because the flames got higher and I thought they were gonna cause the house next door to burn," she said on Monday night.

    Mahalia called out to Grandma to call for help, but Grandma is hard of hearing. Mahalia kept asking, "Should I call for help? I said it twice but she didn't hear me. The flames were getting higher and there was popping sounds, so I decided to do it myself and call 911 to get firefighters to put out the fire."

    And firefighters did put the fire out with the tip of the hat to Mahalia.

    "A lot of people, adults as well as children panic in that situation. She did a great thing," Mill Valley fire Department Capt. Clint Mason said.

    Mahalia's brother and sister are too young to understand what she did but her mother, Kate Morgan, is very proud.

    "She may not realize what happened as a result of what she did. She maybe saved houses maybe even lives. She is an amazing hero," Morgan said.

    Mahalia Had nightmares last night but she's back on top again.

    "It makes me feel good about myself," the little girl said. "It makes me feel like Superman."